save the whales

and screw the homeless

and dont smoke

it pollutes the smog

the LAPD will save you

even if meschiach wont


meanwhile shop till you drop

keep your passport up to date

and pick a nice place

that offers exit visas home

(olam hazeh and olam baba

are the only choices offered)

as for jews observance is on

occasion tolerated in private

but not encouraged in public


for the goyim

of course theres

television and other teevees

and some schmuck jew pretender

they nailed up because

he didnt get the word in time

that edom was hip to his act


take your pills

look for new thrills

and dont forget

to write birthday cards

to your children

however and fortunately

the plane for yerushalayim

leaves at nine in the

morning on mondays


unless they blow it up at LAX first



All material: Copyright Big Step Down 2009.