born May 29 1931 vienna austria

1931-1936 unknown      probably living with mother in paris

1936-1939 with mother and father      51 rue spontini paris

1939 emigration begins      flight from cabourg at end of summer

1939-1940? 6 rue de la croix blanche bordeaux france

1940 flight from france via spain (irun san sebastian)

1940 figueira da foz portugal

1940 estoril portugal

1940 flight from europe to cuba (via spanish freighter magellanes)

1940-1941 hotel vedado habana cuba

1941 new york city ny usa (hotels milburn raleigh)

1941 first visit to long beach ny

1942 move to long beach ny      various addresses to 1948

1948-1952 harvard college cambridge ma

1953 return to mother and fathers new home hewlett ny

1952 entered us army as draftee december 1 1952

1954 discharged from us army november 6 1954

1955 return to mother and fathers home hewlett ny

1955 move to new york city      (sublet 119 bank st      move to 99 st marks place)

1957 marriage      move to 1486 2nd ave nyc

1958 move to goldens bridge ny

1960 move to 1075 alicia ave teaneck nj

1963 move to 9 pine terrace demarest nj

1970? move to church road mountaindale ny

1976 flight from mountaindale begins march 15
                 spring glen ny greenfield park ny
                 return and renewed flight from mountaindale

1976 white sulphur springs ny

1976?-1978 16 wiley lane woodstock ny

1978 boulevard east weehawken nj

1979 beach 119 st rockaway park ny

1982 816 44th st brooklyn ny

1983 flight from new york city via new orleans la/mojave ca
            seattle wa/santa rosa ca/helper ut to los angeles ca
           (arrival 8/83 or 9/83) (departure nyc 2/83 or 3/83)

1983 stuart hotel los angeles ca

1983-1985 weingart homeless center los angeles ca

1985- stilwell hotel los angeles ca


1996 died june 20, 1996 gloversville ny (editor's note)



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