drive a cab
research something
play endless amounts of chess
find god in a garbage can
run a really profitable whorehouse
take a mystery trip to central america
get old and sick and a nuisance too
masturbate into the financial pages
get fat or thin whichever
try on new clothes
tear off old clothes
become successful in real estate
be good to parents wife children
insert anonymous ads in the paper asking for help
make collect phone calls to numbers that dont answer
pick up dangerous looking people in the street
seek novel and lengthy forms of psychotherapy
attend masked balls to seek new friends
feed hungry suspicious animals
locate old discarded lovers
make a card file of recent interesting obituaries
infiltrate moribund revolutionary organizations
go mad in pipe and slippers with the latest magazines
smoke dope at old newsreels
look every day for signs of prostate cancer
brush remaining teeth with new toothpastes
go to bed with interesting strangers and good friends too
collect first editions photos hairclips fingerprints
do good deeds in the naughty dull world
be not be or mediate the in between
try again to finish the revolution
but is that all
is that all there is to do
yes or no


by Arthur Oesterreicher

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