Faute de Mieux Lament

if I wouldnít have her

there would be nobody else here

what a sad sad business


and she ainít just nobody either

with me theres only

bosses landlords doctors dentists

†††††† and some cruel children far away whacking on my poor old exiled ass


meanwhile she keeps on scheming as usual

all a guy needs with her

is a buck or a rock

one thing is guaranteed

whatever other men get from her

I am guaranteed only

††††††††††† nothing at all


whatever this is

I donít want what it is

it isnít fair

Iím not asking for anything

but it might be nicer

if some sometimes

she at least gives up

a little consolation

††††††††††† if you know what I mean


if Iím lucky now and then

she lets me bum a cigarette

from her private stock

but thatís not enough

to pay for all the blood and work


they should call it LOS ANGOLUS instead


where it seems you can

throw a lousy fuck

into somebodyís old lady

for twenty bucks

††††††††††† anytime you got it

but for a million dollars

you canít find

a friendly lady to sleep with

††††††††††† or even a decent slut

††††††††††† in this terminal case of a city


tomorrow the annual massacre

of the valentines begins at dawn

the only gift I expect is

not to be stolen from

anymore at least for the day

††††††††††† and may we be delivered

††††††††††† speedily and soon

from this last and most bitter exile


††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† amen




All material: Copyright © Big Step Down 2000.