One Year on the Twenty-Ninth of December

the whole show suddenly decided to come to an end

unexpectedly the boredom of Los Angeles became unbearable

everyone had finally had enough of sex drugs and money

and their various permutations and combinations

not even the desire to murder someone and run away

seemed to retain any of its oldtime charm

everyone stayed alone in their hotel rooms

condominiums and cardboard boxes

or parked their cars and

everything stopped moving around except of course the LAPD

which officially reported the city was unusually calm

and took advantage of the event by giving each other

unused tickets and summons designed for new years eve violations


the weather was sunny and agreeable

but the telephones no longer ring

the panhandlers no langer cared enough to hustle

the buses ran on time with no one on board

there were no worthwhile tragedies on the late news shows

the newspaper reporters

did not know how to

describe the situation

except as “unusual and ominous”


no children were born that day

and no one bothered to die

get married or divorced

or even flush the toilet


I stayed in my room that day

weighing the consequences of the catastrophe

between short dreamless naps

and wondered whether escape was still possible

and if so where to and how and with whom

and why or why not

in the evening dark

I telephoned the last

remaining LA girl prostitute

her phone was busy for hours

then a recorded announcement

informed me that the girl and phone

were out of order

until further notice


It was suggested instead

that I contact the nearest

church or synagogue of my choice


since I could not bring myself

to make an appropriate selection

I decided to construct a

gigantic enema bag out of

old plastic and insert it

into the anus of the city

the task kept me occupied

until the arrival of dawn


I looked out my hotel room window

and saw to my surprise

that everything had returned to normal

the buses were running sex drugs & money

meant everything to everyone once more

children were being murdered once again

the gunfire could be heard everywhere


I cheered to myself in joy


and wondered who

I wanted to

fuck or get fucked by

on new years eve

I set myself a hundred dollar limit

but knew with happy certainty

that I could spend everything I had

without having a bad time

life was real once more

and therefore I was too

and so was Los Angeles

the best of all possible worlds

holds us again in its embrace

and I was still on the annual vacation

I took from the factory and

had enough money left for everything

I had planned to buy


after all

since all the prostitutes

could be telephoned again

and the drug dealers stood

on the corner

what obstacle could possibly arise

to individual happiness


I left my room

to descend once more

into the life

of Los Angeles

at the end of another year

near centurys end


I was still alive

much to my surprise

so I rolled a joint

counted my money

and wondered

who was selling it

who was buying it

and where I really stood

on these matters


after all

there was now

one less year to go

I supposed


therefore there was no time to waste




All material: Copyright © Big Step Down 2000.