Oppressed By The Undone Laundry

the empty refrigerator

choking on my own money

I awaken Saturday when it gets dark

Shabbos is over

we are now at Matzeh Shabbos


there is no havdalah tonight

no regret at the end of

Shabbos BO 5754

which will never come again


I do not even think

of preparing myself

for Saturday night sex and drugs

much less Pesach

two months away somewhere

after the coming of Purim

which we are taught will survive

even the coming of Meschiach

a point of theoretical interest

which completely eludes me

for the time being


how do we recover or rather

rediscover all that was lost

in the flames and gas of fifty years ago


and is this the night

to start

looking for it


and if not now when




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