Oratorio for Whores and Thieves

Listen I know Iím not very practical

but I know you die quickly without money

and you must do everything you can

to earn as much money as possible

regardless of what it takes

we are not here to call each other criminals

to accuse one another of doing the same identical necessities

lying cheating stealing and sometimes killing

sometimes save the hunted from the hunter

Words like these on the other hand

never save anyone from anything

their unheard complaint

drowns in the traffics boom boom boom

fortunately for us or else

we could be arrested by a guardian of the righteous

for crossing the street alone

without mamaís permission


sleep well tonight everybody

sleep well you 99,000 homeless of Los Angeles

sleep well mayors presidents bankers and butchers

none of this is really your fault

dont hold your self responsible

for sustaining the unavoidable

scheme of civilized creation

after all where would you be

without us to blame for everything

and what would we be if you had not

created our criminality with us


forward together everybody

they cannot steal our future

it belongs to us alone

lets eat and smoke

but not choke on it

we really own the world after all

as you perfectly well know