Possibly Your Most Nauseating Habit

is reading the want ad section

of the LA Times every Sunday

you might as well

be holding it upside down

for all the good that shit does


then thereís your fantasy life

which appears to focus mostly

on religious prostitution, upscale lingerie

high heeled shoes, being a pimp and

making a good gangbang video and getting rich enough

to propose marriage to the lead actress as soon as

the Lysol spray wears off both of you


People also donít think much of the way

you interrupt everybody, jay walk and talk

Yiddish to yourself in order to remember

that you are in exile

and this is Babylon

where at long last

we sat down and wept

over something or other


know what I mean

you asshole jellybean


Respectfully: A. Oesterreicher





All material: Copyright © Big Step Down 2000.